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Reliability Test Equipment:

*Environmental Test Chamber

*Thermal Shock Test Chamber

*Dry Aging Tester
*Steam Aging Tester *2.5D / 3D CMM
*RoHS Analyzer (Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr+6, Br) *X-ray Analyzer (Plating Thickness)
*GC / MS Analyzer (PBB, PBDE) *X-ray Analyzer (Metal)
*Melt-Flow-Index Analyzer *Moisture Analyzer
*Imaging Photometer & Colorimeter *Hardness Tester
*High Voltage Tester *Retention Force Tester
*Soldering Capability Tester *Keypad Life Cycle Tester
*Keypad Abrasion Resistance Tester *Force Displacement Curve Tester


Environmental Test Chamber

Temp.: -40°C ~ 100°C
Humidity: 20% R.H. ~ 98% R.H.
Accuracy: ±2°C, ±2% R.H.



Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Temp.: -55°C ~ 150°C
Humidity: 10% R.H. ~ 98% R.H.
Accuracy: ±2°C, ±2% R.H.



Salt Spray Tester

Aging Test
Container Temp.: 47°C
Lab Temp.: 35°C
Press: 1kg



Dry Aging Tester

6H, 155°C



Steam Aging Tester


8 ~ 96 Hours

to inspect cosmetic, dimensions, retention force,



2.5D / 3D CMM

Coordinate Measuring Machines
Accuracy: 0.001mm for 2D x/y
Accuracy: 0.001mm for 2.5D x/y/z




RoHS Analyzer

Elements: Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr+6, Br
Accuracy: ±15% for Pb, Cd; ±30% for Hg, Cr+6, Br



X-ray Analyzer (Plating Thickness)

to detect the thickness of tin, gold, or nickel plating layer
Accuracy: ±5%




GC / MS Analyzer (PBB, PBDE)

to detect elements such as PBB, PBDE




X-ray Analyzer
   (Metal Detector by X-ray)

to detect if metal pins are embedded in plastics



Melt-Flow-Index Analyzer

to test Melt Flow Index
0 ~ 400°C, ±5%



Moisture Analyzer

to detect moisture contents



Imaging Photometer & Colorimeter

to detect luminance, color,
chromaticity, dominant wavelength for
LGF/LGR for thin-keypad development



Hardness Tester

0 ~ 100 HRC



High Voltage Tester

0.1 ~ 5KV AC, ±5%, 0.1~15mA

0.1 ~ 6KV DC, ±5%, 0.1~7.5mA



Retention Force Tester

0 ~ 50 Kg
0 ~ 10 kg




Soldering Capability Tester

solder pots with temperature settings
to detect the soldering capability of pins



Keypad Life Cycle Tester

Count: 9,999,999
Speed: 1~100 sec./cycle
Force: 0~1 kgf



Keypad Abrasion Resistance Tester

Test Material: 3M
Weight: 175g, 275g
Speed: 75 cycles/min.



Force Displacement Curve Tester

to measure keypad switch's tactile, click feel
100g ~ 1000g/30mm
Accuracy: 2gf/0.01mm




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