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    We are a total solution provider with comprehensive processes of one-piece flow as your one-stop shop service, answering innovative solutions to being your core partner in the global value chain.


    This section introduces process technologies in plastic injection manufacturing along with rubber molding, co-molding, overmolding, metal stamping, metal/plastic plating, printing, uv-mold printing, painting, laser marking & uv curing for plastic injection parts or mechanism parts for many industry applications that show in Products. 


Injection Molding :




Pinning :

      Shown above


Plastic Encapsulated Molding (Overmolding) :

      Shown above


Insert Molding :



In-Mold Injecting / Pinning / Forming :


 In-Mold Pinning Machine and Parts


Metal / Plastic Plating :




Metal Stamping :




SMD Bobbon Process : (click to enlarge)



Through-hole Boddin Process : (click to enlarge)


Keypad Process (go to”keypad “in”Products”) : (click to enlarge)


Keypad Processes
Keypad Processes

Keypad Competency Technology Roadmap



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