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In-house Mold Design and Fabrication for Plastic Injection, Rubber Molding, Co-molding, and Metal Stamping


    The state-of-the-art tooling facility along with talents provides quicker sampling for engineering verifications. The quick-turn-around tooling facility yields stable quality, competitive cost, shorter lead time, innovative technologies, & better maintenance for mass production to meet customers’ demanding requirements in the fast changing environment.


 Mold Design & Fabrication Flow Chart (click to enlarge)



 Mold Flow & Design Analysis for Better Yield


 High-precision Mold Fabrication


 Tooling Inserts for Inverter Bobbin: Precision 0.002mm


 SMD Bobbin Tooling for Inverter Bobbin


 Mirror Polishing for Keypad: A2 Grade, Ra 0.032um








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