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Vision : To be the pioneer, not a follower

     Pin Shine is dedicated to creative values by continuous improvements thru innovations in building core technologies as the root to produce core components as the trunk for the customers to create core businesses as limbs to grow core products as leaves & fruits, thus positioning all partners to be on top of the competition in the global value chain like a green-flourishing tree for good.


Mission : To be your core, preferred partner in the global value chain

     The global top-one provider in bobbin & base, and the manufacturing pioneer in plastic injection parts associated with molding, overmolding, stamping, plating, printing & painting technologies.

     Serve as a prime thin-keypad platform in hand-held miniatures for global top players such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Google, HTC, Sanyo, Kodak, - etc.


Business Philosophy : Teamwork, Excellence, Award Sharing

     We believe the customers, the suppliers and the company ourselves are the triple-win business model for all partners to succeed together by teamwork, excellence and award sharing as the core ideology in the global value chain.


Practice Principles : Trust, Professional, Innovation, Passion

     Trust comes first for all businesses we do everyday. Trust, professional, innovation and passion are the principles in our lifeblood, and we are devoted to performing the best of all.


Quality Policy : Customer satisfaction is our responsibility

     CI2, continuous improvements thru innovations, is our DNA, increasing the customer values of end products.



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